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PC Hire on upcoming TV drama – filming continues

We’ve been working on a huge drama since December 2012.  Covering multiple sets in varying locations, we have supplied PCs, laptops, monitors, printers, keyboards and mice for hire on set.  This has been a long term project and although we are coming to the end of the run, work doesn’t stop for us.

We have also been on standby throughout the production which has been hard work – but very rewarding.  Our PC’s have been ultra reliable and we have included green screen, Hero graphics supplied by the Art department as well as generic screen shot options.

All our staff who have worked on this have thoroughly enjoyed it.

We look forward to the show being broadcast and once it does – we will return to our Blog to tell you more about it.

PC Hire for Advert Completed

This week we provided a set of PCs (keyboards and mice) and Monitors for hire for a broadband advert. We also worked as Standby on set and had great fun helping to create, what will surely be a great advert. We had to help tweak some of the graphics to get them to fit on the screen and liaise with the location’s IT department as we used some of their machines too. These were thin client though and so we were strictly hands off of those as the Operating System runs on the central server and logging onto the systems was an obvious no go.

These “borrowed” systems were also controlled by GPO (Group Policy) where screensaver and power saving options were set fora company wide configuration. This meant we had to regularly move the mouse to prevent the unwanted (but non removable) screen-saver from kicking in.

Also some of the supporting cast had starting to “use” a couple of the systems which needed the odd reset between takes.

The food at lunch was amazing (though some regret was had in the afternoon that all of the banoffee pie had been polished off).

An altogether enjoyable shoot with a great bunch of people.



Welcome to Film IT

It has only been 4 years since Film IT Solutions started providing Computer equipment to the Film and Television Industry.

However, in that very short time we have grown significantly in stock and reputation amongst established Designers and Buyers alike.

Having been involved in the Film and Television industry for the best part of 10 yrs, we understand the restrictions being placed on Art Departments today. Budgets are getting tighter and things are changing at the drop of a hat. Flexibility is vital!

At Film IT, we are dedicated to providing the equipment you require for a price you can afford. As we build better and stronger relationships with our customers it is surprising what can be achieved.

Hire PC and all IT equipment from us – you won’t regret it!