Money Savers for Film and TV Hire

Money Savers for Film and TV Hire

In this section I will be looking at different ways to save you money on your PC and IT equipment hire!

Not all of these ideas will be of use in certain circumstances but I will go over the pros and cons of each one.

I will also try and make it as simple to understand as possible. Not everyone understands the terms used and so this guide should hopefully help.

VGA SPLITTERS to save you money 

A VGA splitter is a simple, small piece of equipment that can take 1 single VGA output from a Computer unit and then turn it into 4! So, you can now run 4 monitors off of just 1 Computer!

Requires just 1 Computer unit rather then 4!
Fewer Computers, mean fewer Computers Fans. Fewer Computer Fans, means fewer Soundman Complaints…….

Monitors need to be within 10 meters of the Computer Unit.
More Cables are required. (At No Extra Cost) This is not a problem if you are going to have the 4 monitors on a group of desks, we can hide the cables.
Every monitor will have the same image on the screen. (We can get around this for certain long camera shots by printing an image on the matt paper and placing it in the screen)
Steadycam shots where the camera walks around the desk are not suitable for this – rectifying it will mean placing a PC between 2 monitors and connecting them both to the PC to use an extended desktop – therefore showing 2 different images (1 on each screen).

Here is a Layout that would work.

As you can see, this layout would work for the centre and top right group of desks.



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